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"Where the subconscious manifests in a dream of flesh and spirit"



Who is Vikintor?

Vikintor is a Brazilian independent artist and game creator; his work it's mostly about Metaphysical punk, Transgressive Gnosticism and Philosophically subversive subjects. Making small and medium-size games with the proposal to conceive experimental interactive medium of expression.

As an independent game developer, Vikintor aims to bring the sense of discovery and strangeness that weird obscure games of the past brought. Believing that art also lies in chaotic experiences, In the absurd, confusion, ugly, cryptic and unusual styles. 





​A new “metaphysical analysis program” designed to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception, subliminal insertion effectiveness, logical capabilities, and stimulus-response.

We are not accepting new subjects yet. 

Some copies will be sent to subjects during our first beta test phase. If chosen, subjects will receive a disc with instructions at their home.



An 80's Old school arcade-like videogame inspired by Q*Bert and Pacman.


* Fast paced levels.

* Nice 16 bit's art style.

* Ambient/ Industrial soundtrack.

* Disgusting monsters.



Tamashii is a simple puzzle platformer game inspired by obscure Japanese games from the 90s and late 80s.

Explore a twisted temple and purify each chamber to progress.  

* Full controller support.

* Auto Save feature.

* Level select Hub.

* Time trial/Score atack.

* "Slow-motion mode" (on options)

* Secrets


Ritualistic Madness

Minimalistic video game inspired by Virtual boy aesthetics.

* Controller support.

* 2 Graphical options (Virtual Boy or DOS mode)


Baby Killer

"I dedicate this game to the voices in my head."

Baby Killer is five minutes walking sim about a family from ancient times.


1. For the independent developer, The video game should be seen as a craft work.

2. The video game can but does not have to be accessible to the mainstream nor seek its acceptance.

3. Long or short game does not define quality. And quality does not define content.

4. Not all elements need explanation. Confusion and chaos is also a valid experience.

5. Nothing is sacred to the video game. Whether immaterial or not.

6. Create a comfortable environment to destroy this environment.

7. The video game can be transcendental because it seeks to bring optics about the ascendant using the language of the abstract field of beliefs.

8. The video game can be transgressive because it goes beyond a presupposed line that established a norm. This standard may not be real but is adopted by common sense as being. Transgress this "norm" to prove its insignificance.

9. The video game can be subversive because it motivates the manifestation, whether individual or collective, against established order and ideas.

10. Producing video games is also an exercise in self-knowledge and everyone can do.